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Extremely easy to use Metro-like lock screen to protect your privacy and PC
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Even if you are an XP user, you can now have a stylish and classy lock screen with a Metro (or Modern UI) look and feel thanks to WinlockPro. This lock screen is password protected, and the password itself is encrypted using a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to guarantee your safety and your computer’s. Unwanted visitors can now be caught in the act by your webcam, and any repeated failed attempt to access your PC will be reported to you via e-mail.

This extremely easy to set up and use protection tool mixes a highly useful functionality with a stunning design that replicates the latest Windows 8 and 10 Metro layout accurately. Apart from being nice to look at, WinlockPro provides you with the latest encryption methods to protect the password that will unlock your lock screen. You can even tell the program to generate a safe password for you when setting up the screen for the first time (though it won’t be as easy to remember as your own choice).

The lock screen itself is fully customizable. The program comes with a set of high-quality images for you to choose from, but you can always add your own favorite photo or any other image as the background of your lock screen. Besides, you can add your own avatar, which will appear by the password box just as if you were logging in to your Windows 8/10 computer.

As mentioned above, you can tell the program to send you a message whenever the number of failed attempts goes beyond a number you specify. If you wish, WinlockPro can even shut down your computer whenever that number is reached. Besides, your webcam can be set to catch uninvited visitors red-handed and take a snapshot of the intruder. The program can be set to launch at startup, and it is fully compatible with multiple monitors. All of these settings are easily accessed through the program’s widget that installs on the top right of your screen, though you can always move it around to a more convenient location.

With WinlockPro you can kill two birds with one stone – you can add a Metro lock screen to your system without upgrading to the newest Windows versions, and – most importantly – you can protect your PC and your privacy with a reliable and easy-to-set-up lock screen securely protected with an encrypted password.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Classy Windows 8/10 look and feel
  • Integrates with your Gmail account
  • Customizable background image
  • Multiple failed attempts management


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